Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve on the River

With a slow workday today and temps above 2 degrees I thought I would take Max fishing down on the farm. The action started off fast, three brown's with-in 5 minutes. As Max and I moved on up stream the old boy decided to clear the river out for me, he jumped 7 mallards on the next hole. For the next five minutes he swam up current looking for more ducks, those darn labs just don't listen much when it comes to water. I decided it would be best to skip the next three fishing holes to find water Max hadn't disturbed. The next hole was uneventful, but the next hole would provide more action, not the action I wanted. After cutting up around the next bend I was cutting through a few groupings of dog woods and stepped out on what I thought was snow and rocks to find thin ice....oh yeah baby. I dropped right through a under cut, next thing I know is my thighs and feet are getting really cold. I think I sat there for 5 seconds before I knew what was happening. I grabbed a hand full of dog woods and pulled myself up out and ran for a log to sit on. I have never felt that kind of cold in my life! I then proceeded to pull off my waders and drain out 20 gallons of water. It was warmer having nothing on and the wind blowing across my bare feet then it was being in those waders. After ringing out all the water I headed back to the barn yard for warmer weather. Boy oh boy did the truck heater feel good!!!

While I'm posting I better put a photo of the little treat I got under the Christmas tree this year. Erica hooked me up with this little beauty (Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor).

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