Monday, July 26, 2010

Yellowstone and Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Kory and I made it up to the park with the familys earlier in the month, this was a sight seeing trip more than anything.  We did manage to fish the north east corner of the park this year, we didn't land many fish and the two big ones we should have are swimming around with my copper john and Kory's elk hair caddis.  We took a quick drive up Blacksmith Fork Canyon for some fly fishing this past Saturday.  Lots of little browns, made for a fun morning.
Blacksmith Fork - Cache Valley
Kory fishing Blacksmith Fork
American Elk - Patriotic
Gallatin Creek - Trail head
Fly Fishing Yellowstone
Gallatin Creek
Old foot bridge
Clepsydra Geyser - Yellowstone

Mammoth - Pot Gut

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Northern Utah Backcountry

After years of talking about it Kory and I finally hiked into this small backcountry river in Northern Utah. The hike starts off fairly steep through some bare cactus covered hill sides, both Wiley and Max found out fast what cactus is. Crossing over one of the ridgelines Max buried some prickly pear cactus deep into his paw. After a few stops to clean out the dog’s paws we dropped off the ridgelines to stay out of the cactus. Our hike in took just under an hour and a half to get in, for April weather we sure lucked out, we had to ditch our light jackets fast and start applying sun screen.

Right off Kory caught the biggest Bonneville Cutthroat Trout of the day, after that the fish didn’t get any bigger. As we started fishing up stream we noticed a few bugs skimming across the water, with in another 30 minutes two small hatches kicked off. This was one heck of a Saturday to get away, we both pulled out 12 Cut’s on this trip. In a way we lucked out, after this Saturday with mid 60’s weather we didn’t see much more of them for another two months. Northern Utah has had one of the wetter springs that I can ever remember.