Monday, July 26, 2010

Yellowstone and Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Kory and I made it up to the park with the familys earlier in the month, this was a sight seeing trip more than anything.  We did manage to fish the north east corner of the park this year, we didn't land many fish and the two big ones we should have are swimming around with my copper john and Kory's elk hair caddis.  We took a quick drive up Blacksmith Fork Canyon for some fly fishing this past Saturday.  Lots of little browns, made for a fun morning.
Blacksmith Fork - Cache Valley
Kory fishing Blacksmith Fork
American Elk - Patriotic
Gallatin Creek - Trail head
Fly Fishing Yellowstone
Gallatin Creek
Old foot bridge
Clepsydra Geyser - Yellowstone

Mammoth - Pot Gut

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