Monday, April 21, 2014

Wind Rivers - Big Sandy 2013

I’m a little late on posting a TR (Trip Report) from last year’s trip.  There were only three of us that made this year, Trav flew in from Arizona and Wade and I from Utah.  This would be our mix bag of weather trip to the Winds.  As usual, the Big Sandy Trailhead was packed with cars.  The weather was warm for 10AM in the morning, that changed as we made our way to the Big Sandy lake opening.  As we were coming up to the lake it started raining, the rain quickly changed to hail with a steady downpour.  We waited it out for 15 minutes and were on our way to camp.  We had about two hours before dark.  Once camp was setup we took off to catch a few Wind River cuts.  No more than 5 minutes out of camp, we had another rain storm set in.  It started off as a light drizzle, then turned into a downpour.  20 minutes later, that storm clear for a great evening with no mosquitos.
Over the course of the next three days, we experienced the same thing.  We would have 15-20 minute downpours then sunny weather, we a few lightning storms.  The jagged granite peaks seem to throw the thunder booms around, making it sound worst then it is.  We spent a lot of time up around Deep and Temple lakes.  The place was covered with climbers, almost ever granite peak we looked at, you could spot a climber.  The fishing wasn’t bad for early fall, we pulled fish out of every lake.  Lots of small brookies, that’s expected in the Big Sandy drainage.

Enjoy the pic’s from the trip.

Big Sandy - Clear Lake - Big Sandy  - Miller Lake - Rapid Lake - Temple Lake - Cirque of the Towers - Fly Fishing - Back Packing - Southern Winds


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