Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yellowstone - September 2010

This year I was accompanied by Boyd and Kory for a later then normal fly fishing trip to Yellowstone.   September this year was hotter than normal, the rivers were running low and slow.  That killed off most of the big holes, gravel, sand bars we fish.

We ended up fly fishing the Yellowstone River most of the trip, we hiked in to a few other spots to try our success.  The smaller rivers and low water levels produce fewer fish then were use too.  The NP website had major bear warnings for the areas we fish.  We had no problems with the bears this year.  Enjoy the photo tour.

 Kory - Streamer fish
 Ladd - Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Kory - Drifting a fly
 LBC and Kory
 Lunch on the river
 Yellowstone BEAR WARNING
 Breather - On the edge of the Yellowstone River
 Closeup on the Yellowstone
 LBC - Yellowstone Cutthroat
 Kory with another Yellowstone cut
 River Otters - Then next mile of river we fished was dead, I wonder why?
Common merganser family - Boyd trying to fish
 Boyd fishing the mighty Yellowstone River
 Ladd with another one on
 Kory - Checking out our next stretch of river
 Evening river shots
 Evening river shots - Last day, Fly Fishing Yellowstone

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  1. Guys, clean up your sloppy English, please. "..more fish then we're use too." This is terrible grammar. I love the content of your blog, however.